Monday, October 30, 2006


AGE: 31
ORIGIN: England
STATS: 7 cms

I used the papier mâché mould again to capture this member. While in a state of relaxation (apparently something to do with too much nipple tassle twirling the night before – don’t ask!), this is a neat job with an unusually-shaped base. Three of these flying across her wall would have cheered Hilda Ogden up immensely:


I saw this the other day and thought you might like it. It's an interview with Cynthia Plastercaster, legendary groupie and rock star penis immortaliser, and she raises some very valid points. It should also make you appreciate the fact that I'm using quick and harmless alginate and not slow and harsh plaster of paris. Enjoy!


AGE: 58
ORIGIN: England
STATS: tbc

Our oldest participant so far, this one has been though marriage, children, divorce and serious health issues (and probably a whole lot more), yet no signs of wear and tear!
This time I used a cut-down version of my previous papier mâché mould, which meant good support and less mess, plus the modification meant I had better access and could see where there were spots that needed covering with alginate. No problems with this one, although I think it was cast at a funny angle, hence its jaunty stance.
It may also interest you to know that the owner of this member writes novels about the Old West. The following pays homage to his talents:



(see 600052a for details)
STATS: tbc

The second attempt at 600052 came out perkier, but again the weight of the alginate was an issue, so this impeding this member’s full potential (I used the freeform method again). It’s good and sturdy though, with a mere hint of the head and still no sign of the Prince Albert. Again, this could be due to the presence of foreskin, but I have a feeling it broke off in the mould and so was lost forever. I think it was also cast at a funny angle, hence the strange shape of the whole piece. However, a pair of them would make excellent bookends:


AGE: 31
ORIGIN: England
STATS: tbc

While I don’t usually cast ‘n’ post multiples of the same member, I thought I’d post both results of this one because they were quite different. This also presented a number of firsts - the much-appreciated assistance of a fluffer (a.k.a. the volunteer’s girlfriend), plus the presence of a Prince Albert. Unfortunately the Prince Albert didn’t come out on this one, which is probably due to the foreskin hiding it. The volunteer complained about the weight of the alginate, which may go some way to explaining its rather flattened appearance (I used the freeform method here). I also think that the water I used was colder than it should have been, meaning that it took longer to set (the member was fully erect at the start), not to mention the possibility of cold water shock on the member.

Still, this is a nice example with good veining and foreskin visible. I also think it would make an excellent door knocker:


AGE: 26
ORIGIN: England
STATS: tbc

While the patrons of a certain Irish bar in Leeds were engrossed in watching Celtic’s thrashing of Dundee Utd (4-1, stats fans), strange things were afoot in the ladies’ toilets. Use of the freeform ‘slap it on’ method meant I captured the full extent of the low-slung testes. In and out within 20 minutes, this was an exercise in speed and stealth which came off well.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Yorkshire Puddings

This weekend has been a series of casting firsts. My first foray across the Pennines saw the first casting in a public place (well, the toilets of an Irish bar); my first pierced member; and not forgetting my first assistant-cum-fluffer...very useful! The results of these cherry-popping moments will be with you in due course :-)

So I'm back in the swing of things and getting through 'em like a whore on speed. Last night when I went to bed, every time I closed my eyes I could see stone scrotums. At some point in the future I know I'm going to end up dreaming about giant white phalluses chasing me down the street.


AGE: 39
ORIGIN: England
STATS: 12 cms

No problems with this one. Having discovered a better and sturdier brand of alginate, I dispensed with the papier mâché support and just slapped it on, which was messy but effective. Observe the excellent frenum detail!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


STATS: 14cm

This Argentinian/Italian stallion held up very well, further bolstering my theory that a spot of Latino blood goes a long way towards quality and stamina (see see 600016).

This volunteer claimed he was up for anything; his manhood didn’t let him down.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Greetings all,

After a summer of sunning myself in The Hamptons Manchester's top resorts (haha), I'm back to take on another round of casting. If you've been in contact with me about participating, then please bear with me as I get back into the swing of things. Whilst mainly pestering the student population of Manchester, I'll also be aiming to get round the country a bit more. This will be akin to a military operation so I'll be nipping out in a bit to buy a table-sized map, bags of little plastic men and a false Melchett-esque moustache. OK, Darling?

In the meantime, I'm going to post up a pre-Solstice percy. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Apologies to all if you've been waiting for me to take action for any reason. Bank holidays, school holidays and teacher strike days have really messed with my schedule, and this is not the sort of thing you can do with a small child on the prowl. Then just when you least expect it, some snidey bugger comes along and generously shares their flu with you. Thanks a bunch.

Anyway, I'm done sniffing and sleeping and have finally able to get stuff done. I resnapped the casts I've done already and reposted in chronological order, so you can see progress in action and problem solving at its best. I've also added details of what to do with your rubber mould when you get it, so you can "try it yerself", as Neil Buchanan says. I do recommend the chocolate - now you finally find out what it's like to suck your own cock. Kind of.

Tomorrow's job will be to attack the inbox, catch up on everything and round up some more victims volunteers. Do bear with me though, I'm a lone ranger and it's a tough job!

Pimp My Snack Cock

In a flash of Easter-inspired experimentation, I had a go at casting a cock out of chocolate. I think it worked pretty well. And I had a lot of fun eating it. Hehe.

Anyway, I'm a lady who likes to share, so here's how. You wouldn't get this kind of quality instructional entertainment on Blue Peter.


You will need to make a cardboard support for the mould. An easy way to get the basic shape is to use a water-based pen (or anything washable) to outline the rim of the mould before pressing down onto sturdy cardboard.

Cut out the shape, trimming for a snug fit. Wash the mould thoroughly and dry well (especially inside) before inserting into the hole. Use a deep jug or similar vessel to rest the cardboard on.

Slowly melt the chocolate in a bowl over hot water.When melted and smooth, allow to cool (as much as possible without it setting) before spooning intomould. Squeeze the mould to ensure even filling.

Squeeze the mould gently to remove any air bubbles. Level off the surface with the edge of a knife and wipe the edges clean with a damp cloth or moist kitchen roll.

Place the filled mould in the refrigerator for as long as possible (preferably overnight).When fully set, gently peel back the mould. Wash the mould and dust with cornflour to protect it.


Care of your Latex Mould

Short and sweet: a few tips on looking after your latex mould. If you treat it well it can give you up to around 50 copies. That’s a lot of replica cock.
  • Avoid using oil-based lubricants and casting media (vaseline, etc) as these could rot the rubber.
  • Wash and dust with talcum powder or cornflour after use.
  • Store in a cool dark place.

If I have forgotten anything, please let me know!

Casting Materials

Some of you will be in possession of a nice piece of latex now, and are no doubt wondering what to do with it. Here’s what you need to know regarding materials and casting.


This works well and is readily available, but isn’t as sturdy as stone powder.

Quantity: 1 part water, 2 parts plaster of paris by volume.

Suggested amount:
½-¾ pint water (depending on size of mould), 1-1½ pint plaster
1-1½ mugs water, 2-3 level mugs plaster

~STONE POWDER (herculite)

Available from some craft shops. Some suggestions here :

Fred Aldous



You may be able to get it in some hardware stores, although I am unsure if they do it in small quanties (e.g. 1kg). This is much harder then plaster of paris and gives great detail.

Quantity: 1 part water, 3 parts stone plaster by volume.

Suggested amount:
½-¾ pint water (depending on size of mould), 1½ -2¼ pint stone plaster
1-1½ mugs water, 3-4.5 level mugs stone plaster


Prepare your latex mould for filling. Take some strong card and cut out a hole in the centre which will fit snugly round the bottom of the mould (it may help to mark around the edge of the opening with a water-based pen, ink or food dye and pressing it down on the card to make a guide mark. Use this to cut and shape the hole to fit. Push the mould through the hole so the lip sits on the top. Hang the mould in a bucket or large bowl, resting the cardboard across the top. Ensure the whole shebang is sturdy.

Measure out the water into a large bowl or small bucket. Slowly shake the powder into the water and stir slowly (using your hand is best). Try not to get too many bubbles into the mixture. When the mixture thickens to the consistency of thick cream/custard, it is ready to use. Pour into the prepared mould until ¾ full, squeeze out any bubbles, then top up, squeeze gently, level off and leave to set, preferably overnight. Often full hardness will not be achieved for a couple of days, so leave for as long as possible (and resist the urge to add Viagra).

When hard, slowly peel off the mould. You can then file and sand any rough edges (make sure you wear a mask as this can get dusty). Wash and dry your mould, then dust with talc or cornflour and store (more information on care of your mould can be found here).

For a more visual guide to filling your mould, click here.

If you wish to paint your plaster cast afterwards, applying a layer of white (PVA) glue to the surface will prevent the paint from seeping into the porous surface.


Personally I have not used this resin before, but it is the best thing if you wish you make a sturdy cast for more practical purposes. Also, it won't destroy the latex.

If you’re interested in this, here are some useful links. If you need any more assistance, drop the relevant company a line and I'm sure they'll be happy to help.



Homecrafts (waterbased)


NOTE: If you intend to put your resin cock anywhere other than your mantelpiece (if you know what I mean), make sure you protect yourself by rolling on some adequate protection (if you know what I mean).

~CHOCOLATE See here.

Of course, you can always experiment with something different – do let me know the result! Just remember that whatever you use can’t get too hot as it will melt the latex (this includes wax and glycerine soap). Also, beware of using anything oil-based as it can damage the latex. (Matthew Barney, I’m talking to you and your Vaseline stash.)

If you do try anything unusual, do let me know how you get on. Send some photos and descriptions my way and we can share the knowledge with everyone else!


AGE: 24
ORIGIN: England
STATS: 9.5 cms

I used the papier mâché mould again, but should have perhaps padded it out a little with newspaper as its ‘one size fits all’ capability means it’s sometimes a little too spacious (meaning no disrespect to 600032 there). Also, the owner laid back which I don’t think worked as well as standing up or perching on the edge of a seat and leaning into it.

Interesting tale with this one: I cast this while staying with my puritanical mother, where penises and creative mess are generally frowned upon (she's not a lesbian - it's just that in her opinion it's not ladylike to be messing with trouser snakes. LOL.) I had to wait until she had gone to bed before stealthily working in the back yard and kitchen. I have *never* been so tidy in all my life, haha. Anyway, that night I was at home to Mr. Cock-Up as the support leaked, welding the whole thing to the mug it was sitting in. I had to wait three days with the cock chaos hidden in my room before I could get it out again. I managed to free the Trouser One by chipping away at the mug and its contents with a hammer and chisel (again, trying hard to conceal an almighty mess.) When it finally freed itself, the relief washed over me in an awesome wave.


AGE: 21
ORIGIN: England
STATS: 10 cms

Nerves struck again I fear, but it didn't matter as we ended up with a good cast of a cock in repose. Americans take note - this is what a good healthy foreskin looks like.


AGE: 38
ORIGIN: England
STATS: 10.5 cms

This has to be the fastest casting so far – in and out in less than 30 minutes! This time I used a new method, pouring the paste into a pre-prepared papier mâché casing. Recycling at its finest! This gave good support to the mould and consequently the best result so far. This is a sturdy chap with a bold presence in the testicle area. NOTE: someone forgot to have a pubic trim here. This resulted in a lot of testicle tugging as I tried to get the mould off. Be warned.


AGE: 31
STATS: 13 cms

I decided to dispense with the bag method for this one and try the ‘direct application’ approach. This would have worked pretty well at the first attempt; however, the model had a more challenging problem than stage fright! This funster wouldn’t go down no matter how hard I tried, and my delicate handling only seemed to make things worse. To cut a long story short, it took four attempts and one off the wrist to get this baby in one piece. Even then, the mould cracked a little, causing the cast to come out slightly twisted, but I find this somewhat representational of the ‘wild stallion’ nature of the member concerned. Also visible around the shaft is some neat circumcision scarring, a mark of its Jewish Italian heritage.