Monday, October 30, 2006


AGE: 31
ORIGIN: England
STATS: tbc

While I don’t usually cast ‘n’ post multiples of the same member, I thought I’d post both results of this one because they were quite different. This also presented a number of firsts - the much-appreciated assistance of a fluffer (a.k.a. the volunteer’s girlfriend), plus the presence of a Prince Albert. Unfortunately the Prince Albert didn’t come out on this one, which is probably due to the foreskin hiding it. The volunteer complained about the weight of the alginate, which may go some way to explaining its rather flattened appearance (I used the freeform method here). I also think that the water I used was colder than it should have been, meaning that it took longer to set (the member was fully erect at the start), not to mention the possibility of cold water shock on the member.

Still, this is a nice example with good veining and foreskin visible. I also think it would make an excellent door knocker: