Sunday, May 14, 2006


Apologies to all if you've been waiting for me to take action for any reason. Bank holidays, school holidays and teacher strike days have really messed with my schedule, and this is not the sort of thing you can do with a small child on the prowl. Then just when you least expect it, some snidey bugger comes along and generously shares their flu with you. Thanks a bunch.

Anyway, I'm done sniffing and sleeping and have finally able to get stuff done. I resnapped the casts I've done already and reposted in chronological order, so you can see progress in action and problem solving at its best. I've also added details of what to do with your rubber mould when you get it, so you can "try it yerself", as Neil Buchanan says. I do recommend the chocolate - now you finally find out what it's like to suck your own cock. Kind of.

Tomorrow's job will be to attack the inbox, catch up on everything and round up some more victims volunteers. Do bear with me though, I'm a lone ranger and it's a tough job!