Sunday, May 14, 2006


AGE: 24
ORIGIN: England
STATS: 9.5 cms

I used the papier mâché mould again, but should have perhaps padded it out a little with newspaper as its ‘one size fits all’ capability means it’s sometimes a little too spacious (meaning no disrespect to 600032 there). Also, the owner laid back which I don’t think worked as well as standing up or perching on the edge of a seat and leaning into it.

Interesting tale with this one: I cast this while staying with my puritanical mother, where penises and creative mess are generally frowned upon (she's not a lesbian - it's just that in her opinion it's not ladylike to be messing with trouser snakes. LOL.) I had to wait until she had gone to bed before stealthily working in the back yard and kitchen. I have *never* been so tidy in all my life, haha. Anyway, that night I was at home to Mr. Cock-Up as the support leaked, welding the whole thing to the mug it was sitting in. I had to wait three days with the cock chaos hidden in my room before I could get it out again. I managed to free the Trouser One by chipping away at the mug and its contents with a hammer and chisel (again, trying hard to conceal an almighty mess.) When it finally freed itself, the relief washed over me in an awesome wave.