Sunday, March 19, 2006

The BCC Project: Introduction and Recruitment


Welcome to the home of the BCC Project (Beautifully Cast Cocks).

First, let me introduce myself: I am an artist currently studying at Salford University. My primary focus of study is sex and sexuality, which has so far led me down all matter of interesting routes. You can find out more by investigating the links in my profile.

As part of my final show I intend to display a collection of penis statuettes, cast from volunteers from all over the place and from all walks of life (think Cynthia Plastercaster for the common man). This is where you come in.

Here’s the plan: we will meet (either I will come to you, or you can come to me if you’re in the area) and I will take an impression of your penis, in as much of a state of excitement as you can muster. If you feel like you might need it, you are more than welcome to bring along anything that will aid your erection maintenance (although I draw the line at faeces, livestock, small children and grubby fucksocks). I will also provide assistance if necessary, but please note: THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SEX. This is consensual cocktouching only and should be viewed primarily as an artistic experiment.

Once the job is done I will take the mould home and make a stone cast of it, from which I will make a latex mould. I will send this mould to you, from which you will be able to make your own BCC from plaster of paris, stone powder, resin or anything that won't be to be too hot during pouring and setting. If you would like me to bring you some stone powder, let me know and I’ll give it to you on our rendezvous (along with full instructions).

Obviously, you’ll have to be in a possession of a reliable member that isn’t likely to a) deflate suddenly or b) erupt at the touch of a strange woman’s hand. You’ll also have to pre-trim your pubic hair as long pubes get easily tangled up in the paste, thus causing a faux-Brazilian effect. Believe me, it can sting.

If you’re confident that you’re up for the job, here’s the info I need:

~Name (first name and initial if you like)
~Age (no under-18s please)
~Country of origin (for demographic purposes)
~Any times/dates that are good for you to meet up (it won’t take long – the actual setting process takes minutes)
~Contact number
~Any interesting facts about yourself or your penis

I’m based in Manchester, UK so if you live a long way away I may have wait a while until a) I can get to you, b) you can get to me, or c) figure out a way to do this long distance.

I would also like to assure you that this will be undertaken with the utmost discretion – your identity will never be revealed to anyone, nor will I sell on your details to a gang of two-bit scammers. All correspondence will be marked accordingly to ensure ambiguity of subject.

Also, I’m sure that most of you are nothing but gentlemen, but if you see this purely as an opportunity to try anything funny then it won’t just be a cast I’ll be taking home, if you know what I mean. Just so we all know where we stand :-) Similarly, any inappropriate messages will be passed on to the cyber hyenas, who will mercilessly ridicule you in a myriad ways. And they won't stop until you're weeping for mercy. That is a promise AND a threat.

So, if you’ve got this far and are still up for it, send me your details and we’ll make some arrangements.

Please note: I cannot pay you for this, being a poor student and all that. But you will be recompensed with a fine mould for future statuettes (present for the missus, interesting garden gnomes, etc etc) and an interesting story to tell the grandkids.

I'll be updating this blog regularly to keep you informed of my progress. This could turn out to be very interesting, so stick around for joy!

Thanks for your time!

Click here to contact me

P.S. Ladies please note: your turn will come. I just have to perfect my labial technique ;-)


Blogger Darth_Doctrinus said...

I wish you nothing but the very best of luck with this project!

Perhaps you could pop along to our website ( and advertise this to the 1000s of British soldiers on that site - I'm shure some of them would be highly obliging!

All the best!

D2 - a fellow B3tan!

5:37 AM  
Blogger MrLeroy said...

I wish you the best for this project. I tried to do something similar in college, I asked the masses for as many pictures of tiddies as possible for the worlds largest tiddie collage, you know those big pictures made of little pictures? well one of those anyhow.

It didnt go down well, there was me, my camera, and a clipboard strolling the streets asking random femmes for pics of their mammories. Needless to say, I got a handfull of slaps and some very angry boyfriends chasing me down the street...

7:46 AM  
Blogger sudtle said...

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8:04 AM  
Blogger Sniffy said...

Yep, brilliant idea, best of luck. I look forward to seeing you on Northwest Tonight. Not being taken into court with a blanket over your head or anything, I mean as the latest success story to come out of the region.

Good luck.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Simon Rudd said...

Good luck on this - its a great idea!

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeh its a good idea, but there was someone doing it on the bbc a while back...on a documentary about a guy with a really small dick..? He had to go to NY to visit a plaster-cock specialist.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that you provide a helping hand, if you need a hand arrousing the women let me know.

3:20 AM  

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