Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One from the Sack

I got this e-mail today and I think it raises some good points. It's a good starting point for an explanation, anyway:

I followed a link to the BCC Project site a couple of days ago and, after thinking about it, have to say I'm tempted.I've had my cock handled non-sexually by women in the past and a hard on is one thing that I've assumed would be unwelcome, though perhaps not rare, in such circumstances. What fascinates me is the paradox of being sexually stimulated in an apparently non-sexual context. The only way I can resolve the paradox is if exhibitionist tendencies are involved. In which case the context wouldn't be entirely non-sexual for the exhibitionist, only for you. Does that bother you or are you counting on it to get the results you want?You've really got me thinking! Does my being tempted mean I have a tendency to exhibitionism?I'd like to know more about your display of penis statuettes. What purpose will it serve? Will the casting project itself (both the subjects' and your reaction to the process) be analysed in any way?

I think there is a certain amount of exhibitionism involved, but I think it's just a by-product of self-pride. There's a lot of Little Chap Pride out there! So far I haven't had any replies from anyone who really doesn't like their penis (or has serious size or appearance issues), which would be interesting... Those that have some kind of flaw have pointed it out but I haven't really sensed any negativity, just acceptance (although that might become more apparent on meeting the person and doing the actual casting).

As for the stimulation, well... if that fact that I'm watching you get erect gets you erect, well that's OK with me, just keep it to yourself and don't try anything on ;-) (This could also serve as an exercise in self-restraint, haha) If it's getting the job done, I don't really care what you think about.

I myself am at an age where I can comfortably handle a cock without an attack of the vapours. I also have an excellent self-control and a killer poker face so even if I did find it to be the most attractive cock in the world then you probably wouldn't know. And I wouldn't tell you either ;-)

You know, I like the fact that you can never tell quite what a person's thinking about when they are thinking about sex. In your head is the only truly private place there is, and it's up to you how much you reveal to others. What I will be watching and capturing is the byproduct of what's going on inside your head. What use is genitalia without an imagination?

Only that person will know what they were thinking about when their cast was produced. And the physical representation of that person (in this case, the phallus) reveals absolutely nothing about that. So even though there is an erection, the eroticism has been removed, at least to some extent. You may disagree with me here and find the whole thing ridiculously horny.

Also, by using the white stone powder and making everyone's entry a uniform colour, you eliminate all hints of race and colour, therefore removing such issues. Obivously if I identified them all by race or heritage then you might have a very different angle on your hands...

You're right about the 'unwelcome erection'! Maybe this is an 'unleash the beast' moment for all previous embarrassments! Or maybe it won't work that way, I don't know! We shall see!

I don't really know what purpose this will serve. I guess it's an anthropomorphical and socio-sexual experiment, and for all sorts of reasons. The aesthetic qualities are obviously fascinating to me. Maybe a meaning or purpose will come when I decide how to display them, because that in itself could lead to a million different meanings. I have had a few ideas but it all depends on the success of the turnout.

I am open to suggestion as to what people want to see on the blog, how much or what they want to know, or even how much they want to add themselves. I am hoping people will want to share their experience with the others (anonymously, naturally). Audience participation is vital to this project, so if you want to start a discussion about something in particular, then just shout out. Analysis will come with experience and a lot of late-night pondering. Contemplating genitals instead of navels seems like good fun to me :-)

I also really like the detachment involved in the process. Your most private part is on display yet you as a character are completely detached from it. There is no personality behind it, and really no way of linking it to a face or a person. Only you (and your loved ones) will know which one is you. But then it also raises the point of whether you can pick your own out from a crowd!

I am forgetting to mention the aesthetic! How many people get the chance to sit and study an erection in detail? I think penises are most interesting visually in that there are may layers and textures to be found in a small area, not to mention the odd imperfection. The fact that something can TOTALLY change shape (an unaroused state being absolutely no indication of what it'll look like erect) and be unpredictable in nature is also appealing... and to capture it as a solid state when usually it'll be constantly moving and shaking is exciting, a 3D snapshot...

Have I missed anything? If so, drop me a line! Questions and comments welcome!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Cock Rings

Use of a cock ring may be something you wish to try for the casting, so I’ve put together some information for those of you not in the know. Before you ask, it is not compulsory, but is something you may like to play with and include in your casting if you find it to your satisfaction. PLEASE NOTE: I will not be held responsible for any accidents caused in your personal experimentation :-)

A cock ring is a band or ring which fits snugly round behind the balls, constricting the shaft of the penis and slowing down the flow of blood. This leads to increased rigidness and can help sustain the eroction for longer. Visually, you can expect some serious veinage on the shaft and your scrotum to be caught up in a snug-looking package (which may not look as natural as a free-swinging sac but you may find pleasing nonetheless).

Ready-made cock rings are widely available in a massive range of styles, sizes and materials (everything from metal rings to leather straps). However, if you don’t wish to go out and buy one, you can easily make your own with pretty much anything you have lying round the house. I have known guys use everything from cable ties (ensure they are easy-release, or that you are going to be able to cut it off easily) to hairbands (knitted bands are best); watch straps to soft, thick string, fastened lasso or chokechain style for ease of adjustment. You could even take a trip to the hardware store and see what they have to improvise with. Just make sure that there are no sharp edges on whatever you use, otherwise things could get quite sore!

The idea is for the band to constrict only slightly – too tight and you could cause yourself a lot of pain and even injury! So when adjusting to fit (or finding a ring that fits) it’s important to start big and gradually work smaller. Also, they MUST be in place before you get your erection.

I hope this has been of some use to you. This site is also full of interesting information regarding cock rings. I recommend you take a look!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

New e-mail address

I have a new e-mail address for the Project. It was getting hard to work out what's cock and what's not. Anyway, the new home for all your lovely BCC mail is here. If you're already on the list, please change your address books accordingly!

Strangely enough, I'm no longer getting any mail asking me to 'enlarge my penis safely and naturally' - I'm getting 'encapsulate my penis safely and naturally' mail instead. Infinitely more entertaining...

Coming Thick and Fast

Firstly, I have to say a hearty THANK YOU to the folks at B3TA for featuring me in their latest newsletter! To be a headline act is an honour, gentlemen :-)

Consequently, my inbox has been overrun with willing participants, so please be patient as I sift through them all. I WILL get back to you in due course, and indeed will get to your chap one way or another...

I have had heaps of positive comments, not to mention some very interesting reasons for participating. Maybe I should collate some of the best and stick them up here (anonymously, of course). Then you'll have the secret satisfaction of seeing your words on screen...

I have been monitoring the locations of volunteers and have hence been planning my route of attack. I will be in London next weekend (31/03-02/04), so if this is good for you then let me know. I think further trips to London may be in order, so if this isn't good for you, then don't worry, I'll be back! I am also thinking of visiting Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Glasgow/Edinburgh (weekend Scot cock run) and maybe Wales depending on demographics. Those of you that live close to me, I'm gonna fit you in where I can, so don't sweat if it takes a while to get to you. You can't rush a good job ;-)

Also, I've had a few international offers which is utterly fabulous! I am going into my laboratory (aka the kitchen) this afternoon to do some weighing, measuring and instruction writing so those of you far away don't miss out :-) This will be an interesting experiment to see a) how long the alginate will last for (it has a short shelf life when in mould state so you'd have to be quick) and b) whether Customs and Excise would have anything to say. I guess we'll find out in due course...

I have also realised how hard it's going to be to write this blog without innuendo. Therefore, apologies if my writing causes you to have a Finbarr Saunders moment, and sorry if the jokes are tired and lame. Hopefully the same thing won't be said about you ;-)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The BCC Project: Introduction and Recruitment


Welcome to the home of the BCC Project (Beautifully Cast Cocks).

First, let me introduce myself: I am an artist currently studying at Salford University. My primary focus of study is sex and sexuality, which has so far led me down all matter of interesting routes. You can find out more by investigating the links in my profile.

As part of my final show I intend to display a collection of penis statuettes, cast from volunteers from all over the place and from all walks of life (think Cynthia Plastercaster for the common man). This is where you come in.

Here’s the plan: we will meet (either I will come to you, or you can come to me if you’re in the area) and I will take an impression of your penis, in as much of a state of excitement as you can muster. If you feel like you might need it, you are more than welcome to bring along anything that will aid your erection maintenance (although I draw the line at faeces, livestock, small children and grubby fucksocks). I will also provide assistance if necessary, but please note: THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SEX. This is consensual cocktouching only and should be viewed primarily as an artistic experiment.

Once the job is done I will take the mould home and make a stone cast of it, from which I will make a latex mould. I will send this mould to you, from which you will be able to make your own BCC from plaster of paris, stone powder, resin or anything that won't be to be too hot during pouring and setting. If you would like me to bring you some stone powder, let me know and I’ll give it to you on our rendezvous (along with full instructions).

Obviously, you’ll have to be in a possession of a reliable member that isn’t likely to a) deflate suddenly or b) erupt at the touch of a strange woman’s hand. You’ll also have to pre-trim your pubic hair as long pubes get easily tangled up in the paste, thus causing a faux-Brazilian effect. Believe me, it can sting.

If you’re confident that you’re up for the job, here’s the info I need:

~Name (first name and initial if you like)
~Age (no under-18s please)
~Country of origin (for demographic purposes)
~Any times/dates that are good for you to meet up (it won’t take long – the actual setting process takes minutes)
~Contact number
~Any interesting facts about yourself or your penis

I’m based in Manchester, UK so if you live a long way away I may have wait a while until a) I can get to you, b) you can get to me, or c) figure out a way to do this long distance.

I would also like to assure you that this will be undertaken with the utmost discretion – your identity will never be revealed to anyone, nor will I sell on your details to a gang of two-bit scammers. All correspondence will be marked accordingly to ensure ambiguity of subject.

Also, I’m sure that most of you are nothing but gentlemen, but if you see this purely as an opportunity to try anything funny then it won’t just be a cast I’ll be taking home, if you know what I mean. Just so we all know where we stand :-) Similarly, any inappropriate messages will be passed on to the cyber hyenas, who will mercilessly ridicule you in a myriad ways. And they won't stop until you're weeping for mercy. That is a promise AND a threat.

So, if you’ve got this far and are still up for it, send me your details and we’ll make some arrangements.

Please note: I cannot pay you for this, being a poor student and all that. But you will be recompensed with a fine mould for future statuettes (present for the missus, interesting garden gnomes, etc etc) and an interesting story to tell the grandkids.

I'll be updating this blog regularly to keep you informed of my progress. This could turn out to be very interesting, so stick around for joy!

Thanks for your time!

Click here to contact me

P.S. Ladies please note: your turn will come. I just have to perfect my labial technique ;-)